Professional Online & Digital Marketing Account Management in Utah

Having an online marketing account manager that pays attention to detail and gets things done in a timely manner can be a very valuable asset to your business. Online marketing is complicated enough and can take up a lot of your time, that is why we offer top of the line account management. Having an account manager available to make website changes, update online information and assist in your online marketing strategy can increase your bottom line. Here is what to expect from an account manager:

Collecting Information

An account manager will need to collect a lot of information from you about your business and the accounts we will need to access. The more information we can gather up front in your campaign the sooner we will be able to see the results we are aiming for. As a business owner you understand your business and industry more than anyone. Providing us with the right information on your strengths and weaknesses will help us to provide great recommendations and increased results. One of the most important areas is confirming your business information for online citations and link building. We need to be exact on business name, address, phone number, domain name and business description wherever the business is listed. We will also need to collect your login information for your website, hosting, domain and a business Gmail account.

Account Setup Completion

As part of the account setup we have our checklist of all the information we need to collect and all the tasks we need to perform. Your account manager will be responsible for making sure we have completed those tasks and that they are added to the monthly work report. If a business owner is not getting their account manager the information or logins that are needed then this can delay the setup process. It is important that our account managers work with you as much as possible in gathering this critical information in launching a campaign.

Campaign Reporting

Once all the account setup is complete we can start to track the results of our work and see how well the marketing is performing. Often times with an organic SEO campaign we will have initial results in 10 days from our on-page efforts. With some it can take up to 2-3 months before we see any type of movement in the right direction for rankings. Google needs to find the new information that has been submitted online and index it. After its indexing it will take into consideration the type of new information, the quality of it, the domain authority it is coming from and the relevancy of the link. Quality SEO will achieve improved results in rankings while poor content and low relevancy will drop your rankings. As we track your top keywords for the services and or products your business offers as well as the markets you offer them in we will be able to see if the campaign is moving in the right direction or not. Reports can be a little tricky to understand with all the tech info if you are not tech savvy, an account manager will be able to help you understand the metrics of the reports.

Monitoring, Assisting & Consulting

When an online marketing campaign is in its 3rd to 4th month we have done a ton of setup and both on-page and offpage work. At this point we should have some really good information on how well the campaign is developing and performing. Account managers will make sure the monthly work reports are completed and will be monitoring analytics to look for any inconsistencies or changes that need to be made. They will also be available to assist you with any website updates or changes, making sure form submissions are working and general SEO account management needs. Depending on the marketing plan your business is subscribed to they will also be scheduling regular consultations to make sure we are fulfilling your needs as a client and achieving great results.