Ecommerce Seo Marketing For Utah Companies

When your main goal with your website is online sales then you need to have an online marketing plan that will help you achieve that goal. With online sales growing every year… Some great ways of promoting your products or services online are:

Google Shopping & Google Ads

Integrating Google Shopping & Ads with your website and products is a great way to promote your business at the top of the search results. Google has one of the best advertising platforms to reach the masses. Running Google Ads can be done in multiple areas:

  • Shopping Ads
  • Search Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Video Ads

With Google’s expansive network and users you can reach a multitude of potential clients with targeted ads. Their reporting makes it easy to see what ad campaigns are working and which ones are not. Optimizing your ads campaign can be done in relatively short time to help fine tune your ROI.

Facebook Post Promoting & Ads

Facebook Social Ads can reach a broad or targeted audience based on demographics and can increase your social following and website sales in a great way. Social is huge for brand building and awareness and having it done right will create a significant following for your products or services. The majority of social marketing is to create brand awareness while other goals may include; community engagement, more sales, lead generation, increased website traffic, content distribution and more. Facebook can help make your customer base be aware of new products, services or specials the business may be running from time to time. The more informed a customer base is the more likely you are to gain loyal customers and repeat business. One of the best things about running ads on a social network like Facebook is that you can really fine tune your demographics and who you are targeting your ads at. With a highly targeted audience you are much more likely to place your brand and ad in front of a potential new customer or repeat customer.


We all have seen the impact that Amazon has had on the Ecommerce market with its website offering so many products at great prices. Integrating Amazon Shopping with your website can increase your online sales and brand recognition.

Guest Blogging

Promoting your products or online services with popular bloggers and guest blog sites is a great way to create brand awareness and increase online sales.