Online Ads & Ppc Management For Businesses In Utah

Online ads are a great way to get traffic flowing to your website within a day or two of setting up and launching a new campaign. Working with a professional to make sure you are spending your online pay-per-click ads budget in the right areas can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress trying to do it yourself. Some businesses see a better return on a certain type of ad and less of a return on others. In order to maximize your ROI on online advertising your ads and campaigns need to be optimized and fine tuned on a regular basis.

Google Ads

Google Adwords has updated recently to Google Ads to incorporate not just text ads but also video, display and shopping ads. Google Ads can be setup and running within a few days driving traffic to a website with targeted keywords and markets for any business. Google Ads consists of the following:

Search Text Ads

These ads are targeted to people in the search results that are searching right now and are ready to take action. Text ads are the original Google Adwords and have been producing a great return on investment to business owners for years. With any ads spend you will want to make sure you are running a campaign that is highly targeted for keywords and the market you are wanting to reach. With search ads we can target high traffic keyword phrases along with low traffic low competition keywords. High traffic keywords generally have a higher cost per click due to higher competition and can eat up a budget fast. Lower traffic keywords have a lower cost per click and can help spread a budget out even with bidding for the top spots.

Display Ads

There are hundreds of thousands of websites that allow for ad space and promotion directly on their site to their users. Display ads are used more to create brand awareness to a targeted audience. We all visit a variety of sites throughout the day, some in search and those that we visit on a regular basis. Some sites are recommended to us by friends, family, co-workers or groups we affiliated with or have an interest in. If you are looking to build brand awareness then placing display and banner ads in front of a potential target audience is one of the best ways to do it. If you have a product for diesel engines then placing display ads on diesel truck enthusiast websites or forums can increase visibility and branding:

Shopping Ads

Got a product you are wanting to sell online with your eCommerce website? Google Shopping Ads have been helping business owners move product and reach a broader audience. Shopping ads allow you to show users more; a photo, title, price and store name to promote your products. They give users a better sense of what you are selling which leads to higher converting clicks because of the correct initial interest in the ad.

Video Ads

I think we all know what a video ad is, especially if you have watched a popular YouTube video with a sponsored ad before it. Video Ads can be very effective in educating and informing a targeted audience of your products or services. Google offers TrueView Ads with in-stream ads and discovery ads that you only get charged for if a potential customers views it for a certain time or opts in to see the ad. In-stream ads are run before or during another video from a YouTube partner and only charge you when they watch 30 seconds or more. Discovery video ads appear on the Google Display Network, YouTube searches and alongside other YouTube videos. You are only charged for the video ads that a viewer clicks on directly to watch.

Google Local Services

Google has created a way to help consumers with online scams and fraud by verifying onsite service providers are licensed, bonded and insured. Google has a screening process to make sure that it is only showing you the best options for services such as locksmiths and plumbers in the search results. Google has two certification levels currently; Google Guarantee or Google Screened. They both go through a screening process to check licensing, bonding, insurance and criminal background checks, the difference is there's no satisfaction or money-back guarantee with Google Screened. There are limitations to industries and markets available for this program, here is a current list from Google Local Services Ads:

United States

Appliance repair services, carpet cleaning services, cleaning services, electricians, estate lawyer services, financial planning services, garage door services, HVAC (heating or air conditioning), immigration lawyer services, lawn care services, locksmiths, movers, pest control services, plumbers, real estate services, roofers, water damage services, and window cleaning services.

To see if Google Local Service would be right for your business give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced digital marketing consultants.

Social Ads

There are certain industries that do better than others with social media ads and promotions. It really depends on the product or service you offer and what your targeted audience is. Social Media Ads are really for creating brand image and awareness to a certain demographic. Most people on social media sites are looking to interact in a social way with others and not always to promote or search for services or products. If you have a very niche product or service that is not widely known or even searched in the search engines then running an effective social campaign is the best way to get noticed. If you are an established brand or business then build a following, according to Sprout Social – 77% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social. There are several different social ad campaigns that can be run on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Are you looking to enhance your business’ brand online and want to drive more traffic to your website or place of business through online ads? Let us guide you to the right options for the best results.