Organic Seo Marketing In Utah

Organic search engine optimization is the process of creating enough relevant information to obtain naturally high rankings in the organic search engine results page or SERP. A campaign that focuses solely on organic SEO rankings is not going to include any local citations or physical map listings.

Organic SEO

Websites promoting mainly information or a specific online product or service may use just organic SEO to gain visibility in the organic search results. Ways of obtaining these results can be done through creating the following content:

Guest Blogs

Having a guest blog on a high ranking domain authority site that is relevant to what your business offers helps in your link building process. These types of links provide more information to the search engines on who you are and how you relate to the sites linking to your website.

Onsite Blogs

Well written blogs and blog topics on your website will make it rich in content and additional blog pages that can rank in the search results for targeted services and keywords. Each blog can be well optimized and can also have internal linking providing search engines with even more information on how the content of your website relates and should be ranked.


Search engines display relevant videos for a number of search results on the first page. With platforms like Vimeo and YouTube it is easy to create a business channel and share your videos. You can also create promos to play before other popular videos on news channels, websites and more.

These are just some of the main pieces of content that can be created to enhance your visibility in the ever expanding internet of things. Infographics, slideshows, guides, pillar pages, and regular posts on social networks and Google My Business are also great ways of putting out useful content about your business.