Local Seo Online Marketing In Utah

Local SEO focuses on creating information that will produce map and organic rankings in specific markets for targeted keywords and phrases.

Location Based Marketing

Storefronts are always looking to increase the amount of walk-in traffic they are receiving, the more traffic they have the better the sales. Marketing online to new walk-in customers is about visibility to a market that is willing to travel to your location. Hyperlocal businesses that provide local products or services such as a dry cleaner or a beauty supply store generally have the majority of their business from customers within 5-10 miles of their storefront. Being visible in the search results within that radius is critical to getting new business and generating more revenue. A good sign of success is requests for directions to your location when promoting storefront services or products. Other examples:

  • Storage Units
  • Restaurants
  • Day Spas

Businesses that offer professional or niche services will generally have a broader market to target. Most of their clients will travel 20+ miles to their location for the services or products available. A lawyer who has a specialty practice and a good reputation is someone who customers are willing to travel further for. This also applies to the medical community and other professional services that might not be offered in your hyperlocal market. Some examples are:

  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Business Lawyers
  • Financial Advisors

On-site Services Marketing

This is where your products or services are offered as an onsite option. Businesses that provide onsite services include the following:

  • Pest Control
  • Landscaping
  • General Contracting
  • Carpet Cleaning

Our main goal is to get more phone calls and form submissions that lead to scheduled on-site services from ranking when someone is searching for your services. On-site service providers will travel 10+ miles to provide their services on location. Some businesses may even travel from state to state or across the United States. Google used to allow a service provider to give a mile radius as to how far they were willing to travel, but this was being abused by some and creating misleading search results so Google changed it. Now with your Google My Business listing you are hyperlocally ranked based off of your business location. This creates problems for some business owners who operate their business out of their home, but see most of their business from outside their immediate local market. The solution to this problem is to create Areas Served pages to let Google know you provide your services in a particular market, city or state. If you are a General Contractor that has a physical business location in Sandy and you want to focus on projects in Park City or Eagle Mountain then having pages of content on your website that are targeted for Park City and Eagle Mountain would let the search engines know you are wanting to rank in those areas.

Building business information and diversifying your link profile with the right content and from the right sites is critical to how well you rank. Domain Authority of any site that links back to your site is what lets Google and other search engines know if a site is trustworthy or malicious. Even if a site has a good domain authority rating it needs to be relevant to what services or products your site and business is offering. Building the wrong type of content and linking it from the wrong sites will negatively affect your online presence and rankings.

Don’t just let anyone build your businesses online information and link profile, this is far too important to the success of your business and should be done by an expert in digital marketing strategy.

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