The Process of Writing is Changing

The Process of Writing is Changing

The way we write has been changing and we may not have even known it. With technology advancing every day, it’s no surprise that the way information is presented will need to shift with it. We need to create content that can be used across a variety of platforms and to a variety of audiences worldwide. Information gathering is vastly different than just a decade or two ago. No longer do we write work documents on a piece of paper just to make a copy if needed. No longer are we heading to library to check out that encyclopedia. No longer are we waiting for that store’s catalog to show up in the mail to see what’s new. Now, we can write information in a way that can be tagged, tracked, streamlined, and used again with the ability to be published online immediately. Sounds intense, right? Well, all this really means is that there are new ways to get information out there so that it can be used in the most effective and accurate way possible.

Writing for SEO

Well-optimized content should answer your audience’s questions in a relevant way. You want to increase traffic to your site, and you can do that best if you write with SEO in mind. You’ve probably heard of the importance of keywords and meta descriptions, and although they are critical, you must do it in a readable fashion that makes sense to your audience. Content should always be written with the audience in mind first, then SEO second. Your keywords will depend on your services. For example, an informational website intended to provide facts and statistics will include different keywords and structures than a transactional website where the goal is for the reader to end up purchasing your product.

Create headings that are clear to readers to keep your site structure optimal. Clear headings with words like “how to” and “what is” and numbers like “10 reasons why…” have been shown to draw about double the traffic to a site as well as getting double the social shares. Use quality and trustworthy backlinks in your content or even in your headings to create a site that ranks high in SERPs. Divide your content into easy-to-digest pieces. If you don’t have headings, you will want a clear gap of space between ideas or opt for bullets to highlight important ideas within your content.

Visual changes have been enormous since the birth of the internet. Even Google has added an “Images” button on their search page. The images you use will make a big difference on your page. You don’t want massively sized images that take forever to load. You also don’t want images that are blurry or not applicable to your content. Visual learning is more prevalent today than ever, from the layout of your content to the images on the screen. When was the last time your purchased something online without seeing a picture or video of it first?

When it comes to writing your content, it takes a solid writer as well as an IT specialist. Utah SEO Company provides the background help for all your writing needs to ensure your site gets the best traffic possible.