Tackle Duplicate Content to Maximize your SEO

Tackle Duplicate Content to Maximize your SEO

It may be natural for your site (and affiliate sites) to have a little bit of necessary recurring text but avoiding duplication of content is going to make your site more successful when it comes to SEO. When you have duplicate content, search engines recognize that and will choose other content as a better result for the search. It will become an obstacle to your site’s performance and your ranking will go down. Often, you may have affiliates that are using your content, which may be a harmless practice, but you’ll want to have a strategy in place for handling content usage on your site as well as related sites. Here are some tips to help avoid duplicate content:

Create a Guide for Content Usage

Controlling the information on your sites(s) is critical for the integrity of your brand. If you sell products, provide services, or feature certain items on multiple sites, you need to ensure you’re in control of the information through a well-designed content management system. Create a guide of content that is permissible to reuse and what is off limits, and it will keep your site ranking high on the search engine lists.

Use Variables and Dynamic Tagging

If you have a site with hundreds of pages, you don’t want to manually check every heading or tag. With an experienced developer and an up-to-date content management system, you can be sure tags are created with appropriate variables arranged in effective ways that won’t show up as duplicates to a search engine.

Inspect Content Regularly

There are many online tools that can help you track and find duplicate content. You’ll need to get into a consistent routine to perform these audits. Check content internally and perform a web audit to see if you find new issues each month. You can also hire an expert to manage these audits for you, which will save you time and ensures there is no stone left unturned.

Let Your Users do the Talking

Bringing in words from your customers is a great way to create unique content. Use chat forums, reviews, an FAQ section, testimonials, and more to easily supply new and consistent content to your site. Plus, word of mouth is always great for marketing, and your audience will love reviewing personal experiences with actual customers.

Regulate Templates and Global Content

If you have a template for your website that contains basic headings and navigation, you’ll need the body text to be extra unique. Content that discusses terms and conditions, disclaimers, product usage on similar items, and more shouldn’t be written out in full on each page. It’s a good idea to minimize duplicate text to 20 percent or less per page. Assess ways to minimize information that is needed but may be repetitious and try to work around it and present it in a way that isn’t copy and paste.

For your site to be effective, users need to be drawn to it. Search engines are the best way to drive traffic to your page. For expert help for your content, reach out to Utah SEO today.