Top Factors for a Successful Website

Top Factors for a Successful Website

The face of your company is no longer a secretary at the front desk—it’s your website. Websites must look great and function well in order to draw clients to your business effectively. Here are some crucial factors we think are necessary for any company’s website:


The content on your website is your top priority. A clear message needs to be apparent to the visitor as soon as they get to your website. You want your content to be engaging right off the bat, but it also needs to hold the reader’s interest until the goal of their visit is met. You need to ensure the content addresses what your services are: Is your end goal for visitors to buy something? Is it to make an appointment or choose from a list of services you offer? Make sure that makes sense to the reader quickly so they know what to do right away without frustration.


The design of your page will be a make or break for a visitor. Your page needs to contain the appropriate information without it being cluttered or disorganized. In addition to the attractiveness of your page, ease of navigation will keep your visitors happily clicking through what you have to offer. If links don’t work, they will leave your page before they give you a chance. Make your page is responsive on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs alike so that your page is easily navigated on the go and at any time.

Social Verification

Humans are social creatures and seeing what the community has to say about a company can go a long way. Keep reviews in a handy location and share positive posts from past clients. Social media outlets that give the community a chance to engage with you shows transparency and ease of availability. If you don’t have any reviews yet, that’s okay. Ask new clients for reviews and offer incentives for honest testimonials to get started on a solid list.

Contact Building

If you aren’t creating a database for potential or current clients, you will want to start asap. Growing your email list through your website will pay off, creating lasting connections for potential future business. Staying in contact with your customers is a way to show them you care and are interested in helping them in the future, which creates brand loyalty and trustworthiness.


Maintaining your website is critical. Your information should be consistent and accurate. No one likes to click on a service or a product just to see it’s out of stock or no longer an option for them. Keep products and services current, but also ensure your content is current as well. If your posts are years old, or even just months, that will be a drawback for many potential customers.

As you can see, websites are imperative to effective performance of your business, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Utah SEO Company is a custom business website design company dedicated to achieving the best SEO outcomes for you.