Navigating Verification: Securing Your Local Services on Google

Navigating Verification Securing Your Local Services on Google

It is essential for local service providers to ensure that they have a high level of visibility in the digital sphere, and obtaining a Google Business Profile is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this goal. This powerful tool not only ensures that your company is prominently displayed in Google search results and on Google Maps, but it also gives you the ability to control your online presence across all of Google's different services. This potential can only be unlocked through the verification procedure, which is the key.

Step-by-step Google Business Verification Process Tailored for Local Services

Although it is a somewhat straightforward process, the verification process demands careful attention to detail. Typically, it entails submitting accurate information about your company and confirming ownership using a variety of methods that Google Business verification provides, such as verifying your phone number, sending an email, or receiving a postcard in the mail at your business location. It is imperative that each stage be carried out with the utmost attention to detail. Here are some options to verify your business information and listing:

  • Postcard by Mail to the Business Address
  • Phone or Text to the Business Phone
  • Business Email
  • Video Recording of Business Location
  • Live Video Call with a Google Representative

Depending on the type of business and the location being verified, some of the above options for verification may not be available.

Common Pitfalls in Verification and How to Avoid Them

There are, however, frequent catches that can make the verification process more difficult, such as inconsistencies in the information provided by businesses, difficulties in obtaining verification codes, or concerns with the eligibility of businesses. In order to avoid these, it is vital to double-check that all of the information about your company is consistent across all platforms, and to make preparations for the possibility of delays or problems with the delivery of mail.

How to Handle Verification Setbacks with Professional Savvy

The importance of maintaining an air of professionalism in the face of obstacles cannot be overstated. In the event that an unforeseen issue arises, you can seek assistance from Google's support team or search through the help resources that the company provides. It is of the utmost importance to maintain a record of all communications and to be ready to supply additional verification evidence in the event that the process needs to be sped up. On average, the verification procedure for a Google Business listing takes between one and two weeks to complete. However, the duration of the process can vary. 

If local providers are able to navigate the verification process with professionalism and care, they will be able to reap the benefits of improved reputation and client confidence that come with having a verified Google Business Profile. If you are experiencing problems with getting your Google Business Profile verified and listed in the search results a professional SEO agency should be able to assist you. If you are a new business needing verification or an existing business that has come unverified we can help, feel free to contact us at Utah SEO Company for assistance.