Do Online Ads Really Work?

Do Online Ads Really Work?

The main goal of SEO is to get your website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), and prioritizing effective online ads can help with this by ensuring your website gets seen by the right audience. Online advertising and SEO are complementary, but they each have unique roles. SEO involves the management of your site so that it’s appealing to your target audience, whereas online ads are just one form of display advertising for your site, products, and/or services. By combining SEO management and online advertising, your site will have a much better chance at moving up the list on the SERP.

How SEO and Online Ads Work Together

Marketing your site involves identifying demand and assessing your competition. With this information you can optimize your content, which is the most important piece of your website. It’s important to measure the impact of your content to determine effectiveness and see what areas need more work. If you track your rankings and your organic traffic behavior, you’ll know better how to strategically use online advertising in order to increase your visibility. The process of this workflow is cyclical and will remain fluid. For the best results, you’ll need to be flexible and not only be open to changes but to expect and require it.

Tracking Your Success

As you monitor the success of your efforts, pay attention to organic visits, rankings, and organic conversions (which means traffic generated from a search engine as a result of relevance). Once you gain an understanding of you users’ intents, you can discover new methods for reaching those users and implement those methods more creatively.

Types of Ads

Google has updated recently to include video, display, and shopping ads in addition to text ads. Here are some ads to consider:

  • Display Ads: these ads create brand awareness to your target audience and can be found on numerous websites.
  • Search Text Ads: these ads target users that are actively searching online and want to take quick action.
  • Shopping Ads: these ads allow you to show a photo, title, price, and store name to promote your products. Because of the detail in these ads, they lead to higher converting clicks.
  • Social Ads: these ads create brand awareness similar to Display Ads, but they’re geared directly to a more niche group and are heavily reliant on a more personal feeling relationship. Social media works better for some industries than others.
  • Video Ads: these ads are short, informative videos that typically play before, during, or after a streaming period. You usually only need to pay for the videos that a viewer intentionally clicks on.

Online advertising is just part of an overall SEO management plan. They work well together once you understand the strategies of both processes. The digital strategy you choose requires special attention to the various features that make up a solid website. To ensure you are checking all the boxes for an optimal website, contact the experts at Utah SEO Company.