Are WordPress websites the best for a local business and SEO?

Wordpress Mobile Reponsive Websites

There are several website platforms to build your business website on and not all of them are equal when it comes to the ability to market the site and convert new customers. One of the most successful website platforms for local businesses is WordPress. There are so many different options when it comes to customizing a WordPress website to promote your products, services and business brand.

WordPress Customization

Today’s consumers have the power to search for local businesses right on their phone and are provided with a plethora of information from the search results. Having a very clear and informative website will help you as a business to generate more inbound leads through online inquiries and phone calls to your business. Being able to customize certain features and functions will create a unique user experience. If a potential customer is looking to have sod delivered, but they are not certain how much they will need then having a calculator built into the website to help them find out how many cubic feet of sod they will need can be the converting factor compared to a competitor who doesn’t have that option on their site.

WordPress Plugins for Optimization

Another great feature of WordPress is the additional plugins that can be added to a website to enhance its performance. With factors like file size, page loading speed and being mobile friendly there are a number of options to make sure your site is running and functioning like it should be. The open source platform allows for developers of all kinds to create a variety of useful plugins to enhance your business’ website and the users experience. A number of these plugins help with the overall ranking of your website by ensuring that all the correct areas of information are easily located when a search engine like Google crawls and indexes your website. If a search engine cannot clearly define what your website is about it is not going to rank it very well either. The search engines want to show its users the best results and give them the best user experience by populating those results. If your website is not put together well and easily indexed then you are not going to be shown in the top of the searches.

Mobile friendly with Responsive Design

Being mobile friendly and making sure your website is responsive to the device it is being displayed on is more important than ever before to your SEO efforts. Google now indexes mobile site versions first for their ranking results due to the overwhelming growth of users viewing information on their mobile devices. Having a website that flows and looks great on a mobile phone is a major key factor in generating new business online. If a user has a poor experience with your mobile site they are highly likely to leave it and look at other competitors websites.

All and all WordPress is by far one of the top platforms to use for any local business looking to rank well in their local marketing in the search results. Having a professional who understands the importance of building a great website not just for looks, but also for the purpose of generating new business is key to having it be successful in the search engines.