6 Benefits of Having a Marketing Account Manager

6 Benefits of Having a Marketing Account Manager

Your online presence is one of the strongest marketing tools for your business. However, a website can work against you if it’s set up poorly and not managed well. If you have frustrated visitors on your site, they will look elsewhere for what they need. On the other hand, a well designed and executed website will promote engagement on your site, ultimately brining you more business. Here are 6 benefits to hiring a marketing account manager for your business:

Effective Communication to Increase Customer Loyalty

Communication with your customers is trickier than it sounds. You want to send emails to your client list and keep your name fresh in their minds, but you need to know how much is too much, and how little is too little. It’s a balance and can depend greatly on the type of business you have. An account manager has the skills and knowledge base to know the statistics on the timing and how to send the right message to your customers to keep them coming back.

Target the Right Audience and Keep Them Engaged

Most people shopping online start by searching for what they want, then they do some price comparisons and read reviews, then they’ll decide on an online shop to order that item. An account manager can follow a buying journey of a customer and can map the process in order to understand how to keep the customer engaged. By understanding this typical journey, the manager can market to applicable potential customers more effectively.

Accurately Measure Results

Tracking results is important to knowing if what you’re doing is working. An account manager will provide you with monthly reporting and explain what is benefitting you and what is not. They will understand the technical metrics of the reports and know what to do with them. They are knowledgeable about what results to look for and how to make the appropriate changes.

Increase Brand Credibility

Because your website is being managed at an impressive level, your visitors will notice the enjoyable experience on your site. This results in a good impression of your company. Add in your quality service or product and you’re unstoppable.

Highly Attentive to Every Detail

Your website needs on-page and off-page accuracy. An account manager will ensure information is correct for online citations and link building and make sure all tasks are completed each month. Their specialty skills give you a leg up because details that would otherwise fall through the cracks are consistently being addressed with accuracy.

Keep Information Up to Date in a Timely Manner

It’s unprofessional to leave outdated information on your website. It’s frustrating for a customer to see a great sale on your website just to get to checkout and find it’s no longer active, or that you’ve moved and didn’t update your site with a new address. With an account manager, they will make sure your content is current and will stay on top of it. You can focus on your business and save time with the right account manager. Utah SEO Company is proud to offer the best management services you can ask for.