Strong SEO Strategies

Strong SEO Strategies

To make an effective website, there are three core areas to focus on: website setup technicalities, content, and linking. Successful businesses know how to drive traffic to their website, and it typically starts with a solid foundation with these three components.

Technical Aspects in Website Design

Your website is not going to help you if no one sees it. You’ll need to set up your website in a way that makes it possible for search engines to identify it, index it, and show it as a result. This is where we come in—to make sure this technical setup is created effectively and accurately. Search engines can only scan text to see what’s applicable as a search result, and with the right text, these engines can scan and index them easily. Factors that affect the optimization of your website include links and navigation, the basic URL structure, speed of page loading time, sitemaps, and any duplicate content – which, if found, can penalize your website. If you already have a website set up and you’re unsure if the technical aspects of it are working appropriately, reach out to us for an assessment.


At the end of the day, the content on your site is what people are looking for. Whether you’re selling a product, showing instructional videos, recommending travel destinations, or providing services, your content must be clear and concise about what you do. It’s true that the more content you have the better chance your site will be seen, but that content also must apply to your business and be entered accurately. Pay attention to your keywords so you attract the right people to your site—the ones that will hopefully become clients and customers. Keep your topics clear and easy to find so it will match relevant searches. And create specific titles, headings, meta-descriptions, multimedia elements, etc. that stays on-topic with what you have to offer and who you want to attract. If your website already has a lot of content but you’re unsure if it’s effectively drawing the right audience, our experts can work with you updates.


The technical aspects and content of your site provides relevant search results but linking is what’s responsible for your website’s popularity. Search engines also prioritize how popular a site is, which is why links (or more specifically, backlinks) are important to your site structure. Backlinks reference your content on other websites. Each time your website is mentioned on another website, you get a backlink. It’s crucial to make sure your links are working and take people to relevant places because search engines use quality as a sign of a website’s authority in addition to the quantity of clicks.  Low quality links can negatively impact your ratings and results. Three factors that affect the link quality are popularity, relevance, and domain trust. You can build your links organically on your own, through contacting other websites for links, by guest posting on other websites, and by analyzing your competitors to see if you can recreate a similar link for your site. If you already have a site up but are unsure how to tackle backlinks, we’re here to help. For all things SEO, contact us today.