Pay-Per-Click Ads and SEO

Pay-Per-Click Ads and SEO

A pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is a way to turn clicks into conversions, driving people to your site and helping your business grow. To know if your campaign is working, it all comes down to profitability. Your ad campaign should bring in business, and an ineffective campaign will not result in a profit no matter how much energy you put into optimization. The key to this is to know how to optimize and when. That’s where we come in.

PPC doesn’t directly affect SEO. After all, the main goal for Google and other search engines is to provide the most relevant result for a search query, not to simply show the results that have a big ad budget. However, PPC can work together with SEO, providing you with the best chance of getting traffic to your site now as well as giving your online presence a healthy boost for long-term success.

Tips for Success

To build a good PPC campaign, you’ll need to hire out a detailed professional (like us!) or set aside a good amount of time and resources for tracking performance and testing various strategies. You’ll need to pay attention to market changes, consumer behaviors, and your competitors. At the beginning of the process, you’ll want to find out what exactly are your main goals. Do you want to generate more sales? Do you need to get more leads coming in? How about simply boosting awareness? All these factors determine the type of PPC campaign you want to go for. Set aside some measurable and specific goals so you can accurately assess what the results are.

After you’ve decided on your main goals, you can get going on the nitty gritty. Local PPC (also called geo-targeting) is a great way to make a customized campaign based on your specific location. This helps with optimization because you can use beneficial keywords that are well-known in or specific to your area, making it more likely for your unique audience to engage with your site. Define and redefine your audience as your company grows and shifts. Your clients are what makes your business successful, so they need to see the right products or offerings that are applicable to them. Audience segmentation helps with the likelihood of the right client seeing the right ad, hopefully leading to an action. You can do this through identifying factors such as location, age range, topics of interest, and so on.

It’s important to have applicable and interesting verbiage in your campaign. Ad copy should target a user’s need or problem, promote an emotional response, show a benefit to the user, create a sense of urgency, and finish with a call to action—a click! Don’t be afraid of automation to help you with your campaign. Google Ads has improved greatly, but you can create a specific-to-you automation service by hiring a professional SEO company (again, like us!). Reevaluate your PPC campaign often to ensure your online presence is fresh, engaging, and enables a positive experience with your client and users. For the best PPC campaign, contact Utah SEO.