Ensure a Return on your SEO Investment

Ensure a Return on your SEO Investment

How do you know if you’re really getting a good return on your website SEO investments? It’s hard to prove these metrics, unlike other marketing strategies such measurable paid click ads, tracking the open rate of emails, or seeing how many responses you received on a social media post. But there are ways to find out if your efforts toward SEO marketing are working or not.

Pay Attention to Organic Conversions

If you read that and said, “wait, what?”, that’s okay. We’ll break it down a little. Organic conversions are basically desired actions on your site that don’t involve a click from paid advertising but rather from a relevant search result. For example: someone searches for “comfortable workout clothes” on Google; they find your site because it applies their keyword search and you’ve set up your website effectively; then they browse around and eventually sign up for your monthly catalog or buy some clothes. By tracking these conversions (or desired actions), you can gain a good understanding of why SEO practices are important to your bottom line.

Keep up on Your Keywords

Before you spend a lot of time on content writing or optimizing, researching the best keywords to use will be beneficial. Keyword usage is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keyword rankings is your page’s spot on a results page after a particular query is entered. Whatever spot you show up in is because of your keywords. Higher keyword rankings will enable your page to get closer to the top, which is the goal of SEO. Getting on Page 1 of a search engine results page (SERP) proves that your content is easily discoverable.

Track Traffic and Clicks

This one can be a little tricky to accurately assess because sometimes users visit a site one day then not revisit for several weeks or even months later. But, tracking how many people come to your site and knowing how many clicks your content produced will help you know if your site is being seen by a large audience (which, hopefully, will lead to conversions like we mentioned above). One way to check this is by benchmarking how much organic traffic and clicks occurred before optimizing your page. Compare the before-and-after numbers to see the difference SEO has made.

Check Page Authority and Backlinks

To see if your website holds its ground with your competitors, you can check the overall strength of your website. One major factor affecting this score is your backlinks, which are the links from other websites to your website. Backlinks should increase as you dive deeper into your SEO journey and will you’re your site to rank higher on the logarithmic scale for authority and reliability. On-page and off-page SEO will increase these numbers as well, bringing more people to your site and helping to achieve your ultimate business goals.

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